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Case Watchers Make It Easy To Keep Up With Criminal Trial News

 by: Marti Talbott

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to search for news about a specific trial, especially when the mainstream media isn't interested. Now, Case Watchers keeps readers apprised in an easy to read format.

Updated daily, Case Watchers provides a summary of the case, links to the latest news stories and comments from readers. Our hottest and most frustrating current trial is the case against Francis Zarro accused of casino fraud in NY. News about this trial has been difficult to find, but our readers are great about letting us know when news is breaking. Other interesting cases include the man with nine wives, a judge on trial for bribery, the Tri-State Crematory case, a teen accused of killing his grandparents, the Seattle spammer trial, two serial killers, hired hits and many, many more. New cases are regularly added and are often suggested by readers.

The Jerry Dean trial, covered by Court TV, ended well before the story aired and we were there first. Jerry Dean was accused of killing a woman who filed a sexual harassment charge against him. However, the jury acquitted Mr. Dean and the case remains unsolved. Another troubling case is the "Deer Hunters Trial" involving the Duvall brothers. Although this case is closed, it remains active to capture the post criminal trial civil cases, such as the wife of the victim suing the wife of the defendant.

In addition, Case Watchers brings new attention to the plight of missing people. To date, we have eleven "cold cases" profiled and are offering awards to those willing to sponsor a missing person page by adding a link to their home page. In addition to the profile pages, each missing person has a poster page readers can print and distribute in their area. Families of other missing people are invited to send us a link for our "Missing" page.

Casewatchers.com is owned and operated by Marti Talbott, author of: "Colorado Cold Case - the Botham/Miracle Murders."

About The Author

Marti Talbott is the mother of two and the grandmother of six living in Seattle. Aside from being an author, she enjoys acrilic painting.


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